Protect Our Charter Schools

Charter schools and the businesses they work with are under attack in a new education funding bill proposing to cut off ALL federal funding—including funding for students from low-income communities and students with disabilities—for charter schools that contract with businesses.

As you know, all schools—district, charter, magnet, and private—contract with businesses to provide students with services and supplies that they need. Charter school leaders would be forced to choose between accessing the federal funds their students are entitled to or working with businesses to provide the supplies and services their students need.

Customize the email to Congress on this page to send a message that charter school students deserve to be treated fairly. We encourage you to: 

  • Include the name of your company and what services or products you offer
  • Provide details on how losing all charter school customers would affect your business
  • Identify if you are a Black, Hispanic, or woman-owned business
  • Share how many employees you have and any other community impact

Not a business leader? Take action here.