Protect Our Charter Schools

Charter schools are under attack in a new education funding bill.

The bill states:

"None of the funds made available by this Act or any other Act may be awarded to a charter school that contracts with a for-profit entity to operate, oversee or manage the activities of the school."

You read that right. It means that your school’s contracts—for lunch, buses, computers, cleaning, plumbing, curriculum, and just about everything else—could make you ineligible for federal funding from not just the Charter Schools Program, but also Title I, IDEA, and COVID-relief.

This language is a clear attack on our schools and our students and we must act now to ensure it does not pass.

Customize the email to Congress on this page to send a message that charter school students deserve to be treated fairly. We encourage you to: 

  • Include the name of your school and how many students attend
  • Share demographic information if helpful (percent of students who are students of color or qualify for Free or Reduced Price Lunch)
  • Provide information about the private companies you hire—please identify if they are Black, Hispanic, or women-owned and if they are local to your area or state
  • Explain how this language would affect your school

Not a school leader? Take action here.