Protect Our Charter Schools

Families Need More Choices—Not Less

Over the past year, South Carolina charter schools have been part of the solution for thousands of families. During this time, we’ve learned that different approaches work for different students. We’ve learned parents need to have a seat at the decision-making table. And we’ve learned we need MORE high-quality options for kids—not less.

The Public Charter School Alliance of S.C. is joining the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools to ask Congress to support the Charter Schools Program (CSP). This program has made it possible for many charter schools to open in our state. Over the years, S.C has received over $108 million to support charter schools.

Since 1995, the Charter Schools Program has been the only source of federal funding that helps charter schools open. Currently, the CSP is funded at $440M. That’s less than 1% of all federal K-12 funding—even though charter schools educate nearly 7% of public school students. This spring, our organization will join the National Alliance in asking for $500M for the Charter Schools Program.

You can help by talking to your members of Congress. We stand for public education, we stand for quality, and we stand for our kids—but we’re only strong if we stand together. Make a commitment to stand with us today!